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3 Basic Requirements for Teaching English Overseas

Teaching English OverseasTeaching is a great profession. There are very few people who take this profession seriously. There are many people in the world for whom, learning becomes a tough task. They need the right guidance to make their target. The Oriental countries are beautiful, where teaching scope is not limited but is available in plenty. However, many are not aware of the rules and regulations that the countries now follow.

The basic requirements for teaching in these countries are –

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is essential for every aspiring teacher. The degree certifies the teacher to have adequate knowledge about the subject that he or she is applying to teach in these countries. If the degree is from a well-known university, which these countries recognize, then the process becomes easier for the teaching candidates.

Experience Counts in the Orient

Experience is something that you will need to become eligible for teaching in these nations. A relevant experience of two years of teaching will open up a number of opportunities for you. If your experience is longer than the basic need, then the opportunities also become plenty.

First Language English

It is necessary that your first language is English. If you want to teach English in South Asia, then it becomes all the more important. A student will have more trust in you when he or she sees that your first language is English. There has always been a fascination in oriental countries to learn the language English. With more and more teaching institutes opening in the countries every day, the competition is also increasing.

Reasons for Age Limitation

There is also the age limit in the South Asia. The minimum age need is 24 to 25. Basically, a bachelor of English degree completes in 4 years of time, because the process completes in 3 years in England. This process is then completed with 2 years of teaching experience. This is the reason the nations have created this rule for them.

There is basically no upper age limit when it comes to applying for Visa in these countries. The local labor rules in different South Asian countries call for the restrictions. The age restrictions are always up for revision, as there are no concrete plans for it from now on.

The biggest barrier that people face teaching in these nations is – the two years of experience. The entry-level jobs do not offer good wages and it is the only experience that can give candidates the right pay that they truly deserve. Although the rule exists in posh cities like – Shanghai and Beijing, the thing is different for other smaller cities.

So, that you know the latest rules to apply for a teaching job in the South Asia, it is better to go for it as soon as possible. All the best for a great teaching experience in the future.

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