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Creating Memorable Moments In The VPK Classroom

Creating Memorable Moments In The VPK ClassroomEach day that I am in my VPK classroom I find moments to spend with each of my eleven students. Sometimes it’s when they have a question for me or if I have a specific message for the student, such as asking them to get their water bottle for outside time.

I recently asked a child to get his water bottle and I explained to him the importance of staying hydrated in the heat of Summer, he then asked me why? and why water? Ah Ha!

A teachable Moment: I explained the whole our body is ninety percent water and we need clean water to live and that not all Countries in the world have that blessing, we continued with questions and answers for a good ten minutes even getting out The World Atlas to see and learn about some of those countries. At the end of our discussion the boy looked at me and said ” thank you for teaching me about the importance of clean water and about other places, I really like looking at the pictures of other countries.”

In that moment I felt like the best teacher in the world and when mom came to pick up the child he told her all about the importance of water and how much he liked the pictures in the Atlas.

That is the reason I am in my classroom each and every day, year after year.

I was a recreation leader before I became a teacher and while I enjoyed that career very much I knew in my heart that being in the classroom was the place for me.

Today I have my own VPK and Preschool Program in my own classroom and each year I have a new class full of three and four year olds to share teachable moments and build special memories.

I take extra care to track each students growth with photos and examples of their work and present them with a gift bag at Graduation to share with their families.

During the summer I direct my first camp for three to five year olds so that they can have a safe first camp experience in a small group setting with a lot of memorable moments and fun activities to teach them about our planet, nature and science so that they are better prepared for the school year and can be confident in their classroom wherever they go to school.

I thank the parents for sharing their children with me.


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