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Five Successful Teaching Tactics Which Never Fail

Five Successful Teaching TacticsMy simultaneous experience as a teacher and a student makes it convenient to experience the difficulties and problems on both sides. Efficient learning requires dedication and no short term strategies could work. To estimate a person’s caliber, capacity or capability in a single meeting would be an irrational approach. It’s a matter of understanding and setting up the goals accordingly. However, often we observe a quite formal behavior with false colors of diligence and efficiency at first, but shortly the hidden secrets about the borrowed masks begin to melt, and the potential of both sides could be explored.

• Co ordination

Tutors provide expertise, experience and encouragement. They do not provide answers but rather assist in problem solving. While teaching, annoyance and impatience may crop up due to the difference in approach, mental level or learning. Here the important factor is the co ordination, not only in speed, style but also in the studying material. The teacher here needs to show patience as well as teaching tactics to take out the student from that burden by giving essential understanding in the lessons making it easier to learn.

• Well-Preparation

Never think of seeing your learner without preparation. Your ability to satisfy the queries of the student will not only increase your esteem but also motivate the student to be equally efficient. A single lethargic expression from the teacher deflates the entire spirit of progress. If the instructor does not have interest in what’s going on then the student will likely switch off. Sometimes the class might veer off on a different path. Do not panic if this happens. As long as you keep on topic in some form, the class is a success. Consistency in demanding result and feedback from the student is necessary.

• Avoid Rigidity

Anyone can make a mistake even the teacher is not an exception. It is entirely silly to stick to a mistake and prove yourself right. This rigidity will create problems in the development of a healthy relationship which otherwise is sure to bring benefits for each of the participant. Make it clear to your student that s/he is most welcome to pinpoint if something sounds wrong. This trend will serve multi purposes, like active participation, better preparation, lots of self-confidence and a bundle of encouragement for the student.

• Active participation

Try to involve the students in the lesson equally. Simply listing off a load of information would not help it to stick in their heads. Assign them some research work and hold them responsible for its completion. Respect that your student has different learning style and appreciate the efforts though they might not be up to the mark. Constant suggestions will uplift the student to required level.

• Friendly Environment

Show yourself always full of energy which will boost up your disciple. A smiling, energetic and genial face is always better than a sad, tired and lazy presence. Speeding up the student or bringing to required level is a little bit difficult but harshness could never solve this problem. Constant appreciation and encouragement is more effective and the real achievement is amelioration on both sides. There is potential in every person, the need is to identify, and channelize it in the right way.

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