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Virtues of the Modern Teacher

Virtues of the Modern TeacherVirtue as it Be

Virtue has been defined as ‘a conduct of life with principles of morality’. A virtue can be acquired by the cultivation of regular actions, which build up to a habit, which fall in accordance to these principles. Virtue is somehow innate of the nature of mankind. Therefore, it is necessary for a teacher to pertain to several sets of virtues, which can be very crucial in understanding the diligence of lacking the way education is being passed on to the generations of the human race. This understanding will help in efficient outcomes of the end goal of any teaching that is to be done.

The basic ones

There are lot of principles that a teacher must adapt to, but not negotiating on the basic ones can help them in turning resilient to the ills of teaching. They furthermore add value to the entire system and its co-existence with quality. The basic ones cannot be neglected as they turn out to be the epitome of the relation between any student and teacher and wipe out the crucial resistance from the dynamics. The virtue, or, what comes to the same thing, the qualities and characters of a good teacher are:-

1. Gravity, a virtue which regulates the exterior if a teacher, conformable to modesty, politeness and good order.

2. Wisdom, a virtue that gives a teacher knowledge of most exalted things through the most excellent principles.

3. Patience, a virtue that makes a teacher care less for the whims and becomes inseparable from the education of youth.

4. Prudence, a virtue that makes a teacher understand that what he/she needs to do and what he/she needs to avoid.

5. Generosity, a virtue that makes a teacher sacrifice voluntarily his/her personal interest to those of their students.

The Great Irony

In spite of the commandants, which a modern teacher is well aware of, justified by the fact that the societal superiorities embody them to be an educationist, are not able to amidst the functionality or their own percipience. Rather they are occupied within the occurrence of the manageable stature of any institution and are not focused on what they have been embarked for. For such an era, the technology can be justified and entrusted upon for such aspects and installing a school management software could the righteous answer to the situation rather than, fixing these modern teachers from their entitlement. This could solve the situation to some extent and help in changing the scenario and bring in better ways of imparting education and making teachers more valuable.

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